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Today: Vanilla vs Chocolate

I am definitely not a plain kind of person, because we all know I am out there. I love things that are gaudy the gaudier the better. I am extra so you would think that when it comes to my ice cream I would be the same, nope! I like just plain vanilla ice cream. I might put chocolate syrup on it from time to time. Nothing is better on chocolate lava cake then vanilla ice cream.

Even when I get a banana split, I get all three scoops vanilla. I have always been this way. Even as a kid when we would go get ice cream I would order a scoop of vanilla. It wasn't until I was older that I ventured outside vanilla.

I would have to say Blue Bell Vanilla is my favorite. My second would be banana puddling and see that has no chocolate.

If I were eat chocolate ice cream it has to have brownie bites in it or bananas. You probably won't ever find me eating just plain chocolate.  I don't mind a swirl but no chocolate by it's self.


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