Last week during her concert at Texas' Majestic Theatre Kacey Musgraves shared a new snippet of an unreleased song. The tune was inspired by her run-in with a panty thief.

It just so happened that this girl — when I first moved to Nashville, she stole a bunch of s–t from me and was dumb enough to post all these pictures of herself in my clothes on Facebook,”  “… Anyway, I caught her. Nothing really happened with it: They issued a warrant, but then they never found her. But I did write a song about it...

This unreleased ditty is called “Five Finger Discount" and it goes a little like this:

You want a five-finger discount / But nothin’ in life is free / You better hope that karma ain’t a bigger b—h than me.

As seen in the video above, Kacey also added:

I won’t get too awkward here, but I have this matching bra and underwear set. She literally did take the panties from the set and put that on Facebook, too. Like, what?! Yeah, winner! But, [that’s why] the first line of the song is ‘I know you stole my panties ’cause I have the matching bra...

And that my friends, is how you properly call out a panty thief!

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