Is it me or are Texas ants more persistent than ants from any other state? Seriously - I have an ant issue that I can't seem to take care of, so I'm going to the extreme to find a solution. This one involves kitchen ingredients.

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Turns out simple household items can do the trick.

Life Hack or Home Remedy

I love a good life hack or at-home remedy. Anytime I can use the stuff I have on hand, the better. Most of the time I have exactly what I need to take care of whatever the issue is. Need help disposing of cooking grease? There's a hack for that. Need to check and see if your battery has any juice left in it? There's a hack for that. Looking for a cleaner way to make pancakes? Yep, there's a hack for that too.

Fact is, most situations/problems/issues have a simple life hack or home remedy available to make life so much easier, including getting rid of Texas ants.

Texas Ants

While I'm not 100% sure that all home remedies work, I'm willing to try just about anything to get rid of the ant problem I have at home. I've tried several different pesticides that say they kill ants fast, but to no avail. The other problem is, most of the time the ants just relocate their hill three feet from where the current one is.

I'm chasing ant hills across the yard.

Texas Ant Life Hack

After scouring the web for different ways to rid my ant problem, this one seems like the way to handle it, the organic way and all you'll need is three ingredients,

- 1/4 Cup orange oil
- 1/4 Cup Blackstrap Molasses
- 1 gallon water

Just mix it up and pour it on the ant hill. That should do the trick.

You're welcome!

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