Parents of a seventh grader at Caldwell Junior High School in Texas are looking for answers.  Caydence Wilson was caught laughing in class and the punishment set forward by her softball coach was bear crawls.  According to, the principal told them they would be in class detention for about 10 to 20 minutes, and they would let their softball coach know about the situation

According to the article, the softball coach had two rounds of punishment for her. One round of 100 squats and bear crawls in what felt like 90-degree heat on the turf. It was the bear crawls that Caydence says did the damage to her hands, causing second-degree burn blisters. She ultimately spent seven hours at the hospital, where they cleaned the wound, numbed it, and tore the skin off of it. Caydence says the pain was a 10 out of 10, and she’s still in pain.

Caydence was not able to call her mom to make her aware of the situation, even after she asked the coach if she could call her to bring home bandages. It wasn't until she was on the bus ride home that mom learned of the punishment. The Caldwell Independent School District and The Burleson County Sheriff’s Office are both investigating the incident. Read the full story by clicking here.  

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