In the increasingly competitive world of Super Bowl ads, one surefire way to attract attention in recent years is for a brand to partner with established actors or a show and bring back beloved characters that viewers haven’t been seen in a while and have them hawk life insurance or luxury automobiles or toilet paper or whatever. Last year, for example, viewers got to see Meadow and AJ Soprano again ... in a commercial for Chevrolet (directed by The Sopranos creator David Chase, no less).

This year, a chip company has engineered a similar reunion, as PopCorners has already begun teasing a commercial featuring the stars of Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, each reprising their roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in a spot about the company’s snacks.

In one, Walter and Jesse are seen back in their signature R.V., PopCorners in hand.

In another, Paul is seen seated near the R.V. indulging in the crunchy and wholesome popped-corn snack while on the telephone.

Y’know “white cheddar” does sound like some kind of euphemism for drugs. So I guess that sort of works? Otherwise, I never really pictured Jesse and Walter slamming popcorn chips. (Maybe the bright blue bag was the connection they were going for, since it vaguely shares the same color as Walter and Jesse’s famous meth? I don’t know, I’m reaching here.)

Since the end of Breaking Bad in 2013, Paul and Cranston have appeared together in the Breaking Bad movie El Camino in 2019, and in the final season of the spinoff series Better Call Saul back in 2022. The Super Bowl airs on Sunday, February 12 on Fox. Look for the full Breaking Bad “reunion” then.

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