Here's the thing.  I really don't want to like Taylor Swift.  But I can't help it!  Her songs are catchy!  She writes a good pop song!  I denied my Swift-fandom for as long as I could.
NO!  I'm not going to like her!
Then came "Shake It Off."  Dammit!  I'm NOT going to like her!
And then came "Blank Space" and "Style."  Ugh!  Every song was catchy.  I'm not supposed to be a man in his 40s liking Taylor Swift!
But I can't help it.  It's hard to feel angry or upset when you're listening to a Taylor Swift song.  Fortunately, I found an antidote that SNL was gracious enough to provide.  So if you're in the same boat as I am, try taking one of these with a glass of water and call me in the morning.
I don't like Taylor Swift!  Yes I do!  I friggin' love her!  Dammit, girl can write a song!

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