I have always said I believed Covid-19 was real but I never thought I would be one to get. I would wear mask when it was required but not just adamite about wearing one.

Like I said I never thought I would actually get it. However I had said if anyone around us would get it, it would be me.

It started out with a headache. I thought I just had my normal this time of year sinus infection, I even went to the doctor, wasn't running any fever so I didn't think that much about it.

One Monday my friend's wife tested positive, on Tuesday he tested positive and then on Wednesday the restaurant the three of us had eaten at said they were temporarily closing due to having a positive case. By this time I was starting to feel worse, so I thought I should probably go get tested and on Wednesday October 28th I tested positive. It was like having a bad case of the flu but with no fever. The aches were the worst, headaches, back aches and leg aches. There for a few days it was pretty rough. The scary thing is not knowing if it going to get worse, am I going to have trouble breathing, what's next. I was super sick for about 4 days and I did lose my sense of smell but not my taste. I can also say I now know why it takes so much toilet paper during COVID.

When I tested positive all they told me to take was Vitamin C, D, and Zinc. I also took cold/flu medication.

Thank God for me I did not have it to severe and I never had trouble breathing. My payers to those who are fighting for their lives right now. But the fact of knowing I had exposed so many people without even knowing was super scary. Please courteous of others. Wash Your Hands!

My company required me to test negative before I came back. Trying to get retested was like trying to win the lottery. So many places will test you but not retest you. My first retest I was still positive so I couldn't come back to work, so I had to wait another seven days. Finally after almost 20 days I tested negative

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