When do you or your family typically decorate the house / apartment for Christmas? For as long as I can remember, dating back to childhood--it never happened prior to Thanksgiving. You never saw it in stores, either. You never saw decorations anywhere back in the day that early in the year. Was it the Department Stores ushering in this new era / new way of thinking? Because it happened pre-COVID... So we can't blame the desire for "feel good" due to everything that's happened in 2020. Or is it the desire to get gifts? The want to get through the holidays so we can move on to what's next? I'm not sure we'll be able to decide.

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Perhaps it's a little bit of all of those things. Whatever the case, it's everywhere. Even on social media--where you can find memes making fun of how we run it all together nowadays, with sayings like "Happy Hallothanksmas!", or Santa memes saying "Hold on! Let's Eat The Turkey First!"... I'm writing and wondering out loud about this because my neighborhood in Midland is already overloaded with Christmas decorations in the front yards (the HOA must be OK with this early behavior) and lights all over the houses. And it's still 10 days til Thanksgiving!

I'll be the first person to agree that I'm ready to see 2020 go bye-bye. Not a good year--FOR ANYONE. I just hope that maybe after this year-we can all take a breath and slow down and enjoy our lives again. With all of the loss we all experienced this year-jobs, loved ones, you name it-I hope it's taught us that enjoying the time we have here is what's most important--along with the people we have here to share it all with. And if that's what we take with us, and that's what we are celebrating by decorating so early this year--then I'm all in.

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