A town southeast of Dallas is the first place in the state of Texas to create this plan, and according to the city manager, the first one in the entire country to make it a reality.

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Ferris, Texas is providing physical and mental healthcare at no cost for residents. WFAA is reporting that the city had unanimous approval for free basic healthcare.

How Ferris is Providing Free Healthcare

This is not government healthcare, and providing information about existing insurance or income will not be required. Even better, Ferris City Manager Brooks Williams says the 'Access For All' solution isn't being paid for by taxpayers or the general city fund. The money to cover the expense is coming from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

The city plans to partner with MD Health Pathways, a team of doctors, nurses and caretakers. That team will work with local providers, fire stations, social services, faith-based groups, and physicians on the program.

Access For All Plan

Williams also said 'Access For All' is not a government-run service. This plan won't use insurance or interfere with doctor-patient relationships.

We are determined to not violate the free market of healthcare. But we are also focused on local solutions that meet the needs of our citizens.

-Ferris City Manager Brooks Williams

Ferris is the first municipality in Texas to figure out a way to help its residents receive medical services at no cost to them. Will other cities in Texas follow its lead?

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