It's been quite an April and May this Spring in West Texas when it comes to the wind. Roofing issues as shingles are blowing off, plants and backyard furniture and decorations blown over, road signs blown over... Talking to someone who grew up in Midland-they say it's been a decade since it's been THIS windy for so long. Has to be a record-setting time as far as weather is concerned, according to the native Midlander we spoke with. Even in the photo above-you can't clearly see the trucks with all the dust being kicked up by the winds. Which also makes driving a ton of fun as well-trying to stay in the roads when random wind gusts hit. This photo was taken on 191-you can see the trucks kicking up the dirt and dust, but you can also see the wind causing it to be tough to see in spots-almost like a dirt fog.

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However-temporary relief is here this weekend. Supposed to be nice and warm temperature-wise, touching the low 100s (which is fine because many area pools are opening this weekend for the season here). But the big news is the forecast for the wind. Only supposed to get to 9 miles per hour on Saturday, and up to 15 miles per hour on Sunday. THAT means you can light the grill, and set all the condiments outside on the patio table with the paper plates too-and they won't all blow into the neighbor's yard!!! Wind does pick up slightly starting again on Monday-but only into the low 20s as far as wind speeds for the start of the week. Be safe, and enjoy or warm wind-free weekend!

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