This could be one of the craziest houses I have seen and I have seen quite a few housed in the last month. When I start on something I go all in, so I have been glued to Zillow and for months until I bought my house, but I never came across something as crazy as this. This is one that you would see on an HGTV Special. This house is crazy. No, you won't find this house in the Permian Basin or even in Texas but it is worth checking out.


The house is located in Gatier, Mississippi. It is listed for $434,000, has three bedrooms and four bathrooms, and sits on almost two and a half acres. This house has so many crazy design elements, let's call them, it's hard to decide which is the craziest.

Let's start with the mannequins in almost every room. If I walked in and was greeted by a mannequin, I would probably think it was a joke, but nope not at this house, they are in almost every room. I actually happen to like the stained concrete floors, they almost look like marble. This house is just all over the place with its decor.

Here are a few comments that were made about the house on FB: 

I just want to know how they managed to pack that amount of designer insanity inside a modern design home with matching windows, because what exactly is the probability of that happening?


I love this place LOL!!! Love the couches! Love much of the weird stuff, the rest I'd send to goodwill!


Unique to say the least. I think it has an amazingly creative vibe. I love it. Very Willy Wonka-ish.


Good space but jeez, I'd wanna make sure they take all that mess with them

As you can see from the comments, some like it, and some don't like it at all. There might be a few things I would keep but I would definitely change a lot.


Zillow House Gone Crazy

Zillow House Gone Crazy 

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