We've all been driving on highways for a long time, and we've all seen some things out there that'll make you question the sanity of humanity. I mean, I've seen cars flipped over, upside down on the median. I've seen trucks jackknifed and blocking all lanes of traffic. I've even seen a car driving on the shoulder, with the driver sitting on the hood. Not sure how she was even doing that.

And don't even get me started on the rubberneckers. You know the ones, they're the ones driving 15mph below the speed limit because they just have to get a good look at the carnage. It's like they've never seen a car accident before. But this time, I wouldn't blame them. Twitter page DFW Scanner posted a pic yesterday from 1-30 in Arlington, TX which features a red Dodge Charger balancing perfectly on a concrete divider.

I just don't understand how they got it up there so perfectly.  It's like it was placed up there.  I'm not ruling that out.  One time, in high school, I, along with three other rascals, picked up a Volkswagen Beetle and carried it about 100 yards and put it down in the hallway of the science wing with just minimal effort.

The questions, comments, and jokes came pouring in, of course.  Some pondered the reason for the trailer hitch, while others gave the maneuver a proper name.


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