There is a place that turns something we never thought could be transformed into art. So the next time you need to use the restroom, you won't see toilet seats the same.

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There was an elderly man Barney Smith who turned something we wouldn't ever visualize as a work of art. You cannot help but think of toilet seats as something you use to drop a load.

But after checking out this spot in San Antonio, Texas could change your whole perspective on toilet seats. The late Barney Smith sure did a good job changing how I see toilet seats from here on out.

You can refer to the video from The Carpetbagger's YouTube video above. In the video, you will see how Barney Smith spent 97 years of his life decorating toilet seats to hang at Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum.

One of my favorite toilet seats I saw was featured in Travelingringo's YouTube video above. About thirty seconds into the video you will see "The Hot Seat" which has some lighters glued on.

There are all kinds of toilet seats that are fully decorated you can check out at the museum. If you want to go out there not only to check out the art but want to meet the man, unfortunately, that isn't possible.

Barney Smith passed away on July 23, 2019, but the toilet seat museum still remains open. I guarantee you won't have a crappy time visiting the museum full of toilet seats.

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