A San Antonio, Texas man has received one of the longest sentences ever given in the state of Texas for an animal cruelty conviction--25 years.

Back in February of 2019, "Frank Javier Fonseca, 56, was caught on camera punching and kicking his Rottweiler on his front porch at his home in the 1200 block of Fenfield," according to a KENS 5 report.

In the video, the viewer can see Fonseca beating and kicking his dog--both with a closed fist and a piece of wood. He also is seen with his hands around the dog's throat. The city of San Antonio told KENS 5 news that Animal Care Services' investigators reported Fonseca's motive was to punish his dog for leaving the property.

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This video may be disturbing to watch for some. Viewer discretion is advised:

Why did Fonseca receive such a long sentence for animal cruelty convictions in Texas?

According to city officials, the unusually long sentence of 25 years for animal cruelty was influenced by Fonseca's past felony convictions.

What happened to the dog that was being severely abused by Fonseca? 

The dog's name is Buddy. Thankfully, Buddy has healed from the injuries inflicted by his previous owner and has found a forever home with a new family who has adopted him, according to Animal Care Services investigators in San Antonio.

Buddy has recovered from his injuries and now lives with a new adoptive family, ACS said. Here's to a much happier future for Buddy.

While we are seeing more attention and harsher sentences when it comes to animal cruelty, it's important for those of us who care about animal welfare to keep an eye out. If you happen to see acts of animal cruelty, reach out to authorities. If you'd prefer, you can remain anonymous.

Residents should call 311 if they witness animal cruelty. While callers can remain anonymous, those reporting potential violations are urged to provide as much detail as possible to aid in any resultant investigation.

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