I have heard this story over the years, I am not exactly sure when it supposedly happened but I believe this event was said to have happened back in the 1980s.

I was reminded of this story when someone posted a comment on a public Facebook group. A member of the group asked if anyone had noticed a well-dressed man at the Jon Pardi concert at the Horseshoe back last year. Someone in the comments brought up the legend or old tale of the night the devil supposedly showed up at the Los Arcos Ballroom in Odessa.

Legend has it that on a hot night in West Texas, the Los Arcos Ballroom in Odessa was packed. Norteno had the club's dance floor filled with people of all ages. Everyone was having a great time when suddenly a man appeared, no one saw him come into the building. No one could recall seeing him walk through the door but just appeared. No one seemed to recognize him either. In a place like Los Arcos, especially back then, people typically all knew each other or of each other. The women couldn't take their eyes off this man. The tall muscular man was dressed in black and apparently, his eyes were captivating.

This well-dressed nice-looking man would only dance with the most beautiful women in the building that night. When he would dance with these women it was as if they were the only ones on the dance floor. After dancing with one of these beautiful women, she said she was thirsty and wanted a drink. The mysterious man took her to the bar to get her a drink. At the bar, the woman looked down to adjust her skirt and saw what appeared to be a chicken’s leg and goat’s hoof which was clearly visible coming from underneath the visitor's pants. She instantly started screaming and pointing at the man's foot. Finding it hilarious, he laughed and made his way toward the exit. Everyone now realizes this was no man.

As people started to notice his foot they began yelling, El Diablo, meaning devil. Laughing the entire time the man made his way to the door. Everyone outside said the man began to flee jumping on cars like a wild animal; his hoof denting each car he landed on. They watch until he disappears into the night with the sound of his laughter vanishing into the darkness.

Is this true? I have no idea but have heard this story for years. Do any of you know someone who was there that night? Please share your stories.

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