Things got a little testy Sunday afternoon at the AAC after a fan allegedly pushed Chris Paul's mom.

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I wish today I was talking about my experience over the weekend at the American Airlines Center. Big wins for both the Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks all weekend long. Sadly, the talk of the day is a fan behind the Phoenix Suns bench. According to reports, the fan pushed Chris Paul's mom. On Mother's Day man? Not cool. From the video, looks to be a kid who's not even of legal age.

Chris Paul was pissed. He was ready to beat that that kid's ass. You can hear him say to the kid in cell phone footage. "Hey, I will see you later." I don't blame him, can't be pushing people's moms man. I can't believe no footage has come out from this. This clearly happened behind the Suns bench, so why can't we see this alleged push? I'm not saying it didn't happen, I just can't believe no one has anything other than the fan getting ejected.

You can also see Chris talking to security at the AAC. If you read his lips, it looks to me like he is saying, "He's a b**** for pushing my mom." After the game Chris was still heated from the incident and once again I don't blame him. I was hoping he was going to answer some questions about it in the post game press conference, but he left early leaving Devin Booker to handle the rest of it by himself.

This series is tied at 2 right now and the next game is Tuesday at 9 PM in Phoenix. The series will return to Dallas on Thursday. If a game seven is necessary that will be in Phoenix on Sunday. This series is getting chippy fast, we will see what happens over the next few days.

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