Texas just continues to grow, doesn't it? First I move here two months ago, now Shaquille O'Neal is bringing his talents to the place where everything is bigger. Specifically, the northern part of Texas.

WFAA has reported that Shaq has bought a house in Collins County, Texas. At the time of writing, they are unsure if the NBA star is truly moving everything here.

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A realtor named Zac Gideo posted a photo with O'Neal simply saying it was a joy to help him find a new home:

So this certainly fits the narrative of Texas just keeps getting bigger and bigger. But what you might not know is that Shaq actually went to high school in San Antonio. He never played for a Texas team in the pros, but he did play basketball in Texas.

He even earned the High School Player of the Year according to AOSHS.

However is there a reason that Shaq chose the Dallas area? Well, according to The Dallas Business Journal, Big Chicken recently announced they are expanding to Texas. 50 new restaurants are going to built around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Shaq owns Big Chicken, so the house purchase makes sense. However, it's not just there - Austin and the previously mentioned San Antonio are also included in the expansion. So Shaq may be moving to keep an eye on his business.

Truly, right now nobody knows what the plan is for Shaq's new home. One thing is for sure - he won't be suiting up for the Mavericks!

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