Fiddlesticks is a great place to take your family locally for a Harvest/Halloween experience but if you are looking to get away and want to take your family to an extreme pumpkin patch you definitely need to check out Pumpkin Nights. 

Pumpkin Nights has two locations in Texas. You can visit Pumpkin Nights in Arlington or Austin. Both locations will be open until October 30th. Arlington Pumpkin Nights are located at Howell Farms, 4016 W Division Street, and in Austin they are located at Pioneer Farms, Pioneer Drive.

Weekday tickets are:

$ 20 adults, $15 kids (4-12)

Weekend tickets are:

$28-Adults $20 for (4-12)

Hours of operation are 6 pm-11pm.

Throughout the park, there are nine different areas to explore. At the center of everything is Pumpkin Village which is surrounded by Neon Reef, Maravilla Lane, Pumpkin Passage, Enchanted Forrest, The Forbidden City, Pirate Cove, The Great Wall, and Monster Mash.

Pumpkin Nights was born in 2016 at the Minnesota State Fair with the intention of giving the local artist a chance to showcase their talents in a way that would be spooky or ghoulish. The idea was then spread all across cities in the United States.

Pumpkin Nights is a half-mile-long path with over 5,000 hand-carved real and artificial pumpkins. So make sure you wear walking shoes and bring a jacket.

Check out the gallery below to see some of the amazing designs of these pumpkins. This is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience. The Village area is where all festivities take place like games and entertainment.


Pumpkin Nights

Pumpkin Nights

Gallery Credit: Gwen




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