After over a year of being docked, it's official,  Carnival Cruise Lines are ready to set sail. Two weeks ago many watched two of Carnival's fleet return to the Port of Galveston to being their summer residency.

There will only be two states as of right now that ships will be sailing from, Texas and Florida. The Vista  and the Breeze two of the newer ships, will sail out of Galveston. The Vista will begin sailing July 3rd and the Breeze will begin sailing July 15th.  As of now Florida will only sail out of one port using one ship. The Horizon will begin sailing out of Miami beginning July 4th. Ships may also eventually sail to Alaska, Carnival is waiting approval from U.S. and Canadian authorities. Carnival Cruise Lines posted this information on the social media yesterday and I could not have been more excited.

I love cruising and I love cruising on Carnival. There is a reason it's called the fun ship. To me being on a cruise is like being in Las Vegas moving through the ocean, that drops you off at beautiful places.

In 2020 I had two different cruises booked that got cancelled. I know I wasn't  the only one.

This year is my 40th birthday and I wanted to something other than the ordinary dinner with friends, so initially I wanted to go on a cruise because it met all of my requirements, beach, bar, and casino. Since we were never sure when cruising would start up again, we didn't get to book at cruise. We did book an island vacation for the actual week of my birthday.  We are actually going to the Virgin Islands which I was able to visit on a cruise.

Never fear, I also do have a cruise already booked. I will be sailing in September out of Galveston.

Carnival Cruise Lines, this girl is so happy you are returning to sailing. 




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