The Josh Abbott Band will be playing the Hacienda Event Center, Friday June 18th. This will be an all ages show. This will be Josh Abbott Band's first stop in West Texas since before the shut down.

As JAB fans, we are glad to welcome them back to West Texas.

Ticket s are on sale now!  GET TICKETS  You can also reserve tables by calling 563-3737.

JAB released a new album in 2020 titled "The Highway King."  I didn't know this but Josh likes to name the albums after a single on the album that summarizes the record.

Thanks to Josh Abbott Band's team we learned more from Josh about the new record.

Having spent countless nights on the road together for over a decade, “The Highway Kind” best describes JAB and where the group is headed. Penned by Erik Dylan, Jon Randall and Troy Cartwright, the song came into play at the 11th hour in the studio when several other songs weren’t working. Scrolling through some outside cuts on his phone, Abbott came upon the song that Dylan had sent him weeks prior and Altman immediately agreed that was the song they needed to record.


“We all scarfed down dinner and went back in the studio. We recorded it in two takes. It just felt right,” Abbott recalls. “I have a history of every album is named after one of the songs on the album and I always try to choose a song that rhetorically represents the overall meaning of the album. At the end of the day, ‘The Highway Kind,’ that's just a cool title. There’s something so real about that song.


“‘The Highway Kind,’ that’s what we’ve done now for a decade. Hopefully we'll do it for another decade or two. You never know when the road is going to end, but that's what we do: We live on the highway. We’re in the tour bus all the time. We take pride in it.”


The Highway Kind will be self-released on the band’s own Pretty Damn Tough Records. As Abbott explains, JAB continue to strive to be the best band they can be and embrace being an independent act while relying on the industry, fan relationships and word of mouth to gain traction for the group’s November release.   Josh Abbott



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