If you are going to Galveston, Texas this summer on vacation be careful where you dip your toes.

Many of you may have already seen this story but it's worth mentioning again as beachgoers in Bolivar Beach discovered something really wild and creepy that washed ashore dead last week. From a distance, it appeared to look like an alligator because a snout with razor-sharp teeth was protruding from the creepy sea creature. But the closer you got to it looked more like something you see in the movie "Alien." In fact, one of the women who saw it said their dog wouldn't even get close to it, according to the Bolivar Beachcombers Facebook page. Patricia Duconte and Brandy Artail posted the picture of the unusual-looking creature and got everyone talking about it on social media.

After several guesses of what it might be the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department identified the gills and jaws as some type of sport-type large fish that apparently was caught and filleted  Officials went on to say that the feathery parts are the gills and they are attached to the bony gill arches giving way to the spikes in the middle with the sharp teeth and what appears to be two heads sticking out. A two-headed monster?

Bolivar Beachcombers Facebook
Bolivar Beachcombers Facebook, Brandy Artall
Not really! It was later believed to be a snapper eel, according to a report from the San Antonio Express-News. These creatures are fairly common in Galveston Bay but are rarely seen because they stay burrowed according to Mark Fisher, with TWPD Coastal Fisheries. These types of eels can grow up to 6 feet long, enough to keep a dog and a human away from them but in this case, it was dead.
So, if you are going to go swimming in the waters on the Texas Gulf Coast this summer be mindful and alert when you step into the water, remember that all sea creatures call this their home we're just visitors. I personally have some friends who will not swim in an ocean especially when they can't see what's below them but for the most part, Texas beaches are safe.

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