We have all had our fair share of road rage moments, especially lately with all of the construction going on everywhere. Yesterday I was driving down 191, the part where the speed limit is 75. I know there are parts that are 60 but this was in the 75 mph part. The car in the left lane was driving about 58 mph and the car in the right lane was driving about 60 mph so no one could get around them. I don't know what the condition of the driver in the left lane I was in but they were swerving all over the road so much that I thought ok may they are going to actually change lanes, but NOPE!

So you can only imagine how frustrating it was to be driving 55 down 191 trying to get back to the office. These days people cut us off like no other. People also have no consideration for other drivers. They have no clue what is going on around them. I'm definitely not a perfect driver and make mistakes all the time but look in your rearview mirror and see that you have 10 cars lined up behind you in the passing lane.

A little while back I shared a video with you of two men fighting at the red light of 42nd and JBS because of road rage, today I have another one for you.



Watch the video and see this Ford Explorer traveling down University in Odessa completely lose their mind and begin wrecking into a Ford Expedition multiple times. This is insane. Why would someone damage their own vehicle to prove a point? I have never understood damaging your own stuff to prove a point.



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