Just recently I learned that you can own a sloth in Texas. Their long arms and cute fur bear no restraints in the Lone Star State. Texas is actually pretty loose when it comes to owning and breeding exotic animals. By following the correct laws, one can live on their own ranch with a personal zoo all to oneself.

I mean, who wouldn't love a sloth to cuddle with every night?

Unfortunately, they aren't cheap. Around $6000 is the going rate for a sloth in Texas, according to pethelpful.com.

Kangaroos are also legal to keep as a pet in Texas. You just need a large grassy area and plenty of space for the 'roo to get around. It's a win-win with a big grassy knoll because kangaroos also eat grass as their main source of food.

They can jump higher than 4 feet, and jump farther than 15 feet away, so fencing is considered a necessity as well.

They also pack quite the punch, or I guess kick. Just check out these four knockout minutes of male kangaroos learning how to spar.

Literally, there are no rules in these fights. From the video itself: "Full-blown fights are so dangerous, they're not entered into lightly. Anything goes in these power struggles. Eye gouging is entirely within the rules. So is kicking below the belt."

So, if you want to have a pet kangaroo, the State of Texas won't tell you no. Just know what you could be getting yourself into. And definitely DON'T challenge the hopping 'roo to any fooling around, or the joke will likely be on you.


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