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When you plan a trip, I am 99% positive that you're not planning on making a trip to the restroom the highlight of your getaway! Yet, there is a unique attraction in downtown Sulphur Springs, Texas that brings in tourists from all around the globe just to experience and see what all the hype is about so that they can believe it for themselves.

The glass restrooms on the courthouse square in downtown Sulphur Springs are definitely a must-see to-believe Texas tourist destination. Yes, you can take care of your business right there in front of the courthouse in private on the square in these special one-way mirrored restrooms.

If you have 'shy bladder syndrome' taking care of your business in public restrooms is usually hard because of others around you. So this setting sounds really intimidating until you step inside the mirrored glass restroom and realize no one can see a thing, but their reflection in the glass! Once you realize that, the shyness is gone and you're feeling relieved.

Yes, it's a bit strange and intimidating but once you've seen it from the outside and you know you can't see anything inside, you go inside to see for yourself and realize the public has no idea you're in there. It's safe to go ahead and take care of business! Definitely strange.

Now if you absolutely don't have to go, just go inside and check it out to say, "Hey, I've been there done that!" While there's a line at times because others want to experience this tourist attraction, there are other things you can do on the square to pass the time:

  • look at the magnificent architecture of the Hopkins County Courthouse
  • visit the Veteran's Memorials
  • play in the shooting water fountains (in the summertime)
  • play a game of life-sized checkers or chess
  • play a normal-sized game of checker or chess on one of the many permanent checkerboard tables
  • In addition, there are a lot of downtown shops and restaurants serving up awesome cuisine

Get out and explore and check out this unique spot in downtown Sulphur Springs, Texas in Hopkins County.

The Glass Bathrooms In Downtown Sulphur Springs

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EDIT: This was originally published February 2023

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