Monday (June 18) marked Blake Shelton's 42nd birthday, and someone out there knows the singer far too well. According to a post on his Instagram, he was served up a brilliant birthday cake shaped like one of his favorite things: a giant bottle of booze.

The cake, commissioned by Smithworks Vodka, whom Shelton is a partner with, looked exactly like a (really big) liquor bottle, but — thankfully for Shelton's liver — was filled with pastry rather than alcohol. Shelton gamely showed off the creation and even took a big ol' bite off the top of the "bottle" for the camera. Yum!

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Given the size of the cake, there certainly was plenty to go around for whomever was in the crowd gathered at his home. No word on whether vodka shots were served alongside!

Shelton appears to be having quite the time for his birthday this year. The festivities started over the weekend when he spent Father's Day with girlfriend Gwen Stefani, her three kids and extended family, barbecuing, listening to music and swimming. Then, when the actual day arrived, Stefani took Shelton up in a helicopter to show off her gift to him: An American flag flying high on a new flagpole on his Oklahoma property.

Happy Birthday Blake, and cheers to another year!

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