Today is a very special day in our family! Today is my grandparents 68th wedding anniversary. You talk about a couple that has stood the test of time and overcome everything they are a true testament.

They met in a church in the tiny town of Seagraves, Texas, they married in 1950 and have lived happily ever after.

My grandparent didn't have the easiest of lives they were separated not too long after they were married because my grandpa was sent to Germany during the Korean War. They worked for a little of nothing at times and raised two kids in a God fearing home

My grandparents have worked hard and loved us just as hard. At times it might have been tough love but it was love none the less. My grandparents have always taken care of us and made sure we knew right from wrong.

I hope and pray I will find a mate for life like the two of them have. Happy Anniversary and I love you! 


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