Forrie J Smith who plays Lloyd on the hit series Yellowstone is spilling the tea on Season 5. Season 4 ended back in January and as a Yellowstone fan, season 5 can't get here fast enough. Forrie J Smith is giving us some insight on when we expect to see something new.


Forrie J Smith posted a video to his Instagram page thanking a fan for a care package but at the end of it, revealed that he and the entire cast were headed back to Montana in mid-May to begin filming.  He encouraged fans to keep the Yellowstone Vibes coming.  Thanks, Lloyd for the info, we will take all we can get.

Another thing we now know about Season 5 is that we will get 14 episodes instead of 10. Fans have to be happy about that but apparently, they will come in two sets of 7. The real question is....when? With the cast and crew filming in mid-May Yellowstone could have a late summer start and then into the new year or it could be like last year and we have to wait until December and then they will show the second have in spring or summer of next year. Let's hope that is not the case. I have been without Rip for way too long.

Looper Via Youtube
Looper Via Youtube

Another thing that we do know is that another Yellowstone spinoff is coming with 6666's, as we were introduced to 6666's Ranch in Season 4 as Jimmy headed down to Texas to work. We don't have an actual date for its release either but it's speculated to be late 2022 or early 2023.

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