It happens on the regular down every single street--neighborhood streets, 'busy streets' as we used to call them when I was a kid (like 42nd in Odessa or Midkiff or Midland Drive in Midland), even on highways like 191 or any of the Loops. You see people swerve out of their lanes because they aren't paying attention to the road. What are they doing? Tuning the radio? Nah-there are buttons on steering wheels these days for that. Reaching for a drink? Nah--you'd have to have pretty weak hand-eye coordination not to be able to continue to effectively steer your vehicle while taking a drink from a cup in your cupholder.

No--THEY ARE TEXTING. Either they are typing (which nowadays you can have Siri or Google do that FOR you thru voice commands), or they are reading something someone just sent them (again--devices will also read your texts as well thru Bluetooth-there is literally ZERO reason to have your phone in your hand in the car these days!!!). But people do it. REGULARLY. Everywhere. And is it legal? Here is what Texas law says, according to the Department Of Public Safety:

"It is not illegal to use your phone while driving except in specific circumstances: reading, writing, or sending any type of electronic messages, such as a text, tweet, or email." 

Police have the right, if they see you with your phone in your hand, to pull you over. Even if you're going the speed limit, even if you've broken no other laws, it's not worth it. Use Bluetooth, connect your phone to your car (they even have car stereos you can purchase at electronics stores if you have an older car with Bluetooth capability) and lets' all keep our eyes on the roadways and stay safe!

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