You're out on the town on the weekend with friends, and you pull into a gas station to fill up and grab some snacks. You're with your bestie, and you both walk up to the counter with a couple of sodas and some chocolate and chips.... when your friend sees the scratch-off tickets on display and says to the cashier: "Hey-we'll take two of THOSE!". One for you, one for them. Your friend pays for all of it. "My treat," they say. You go back to the car, and before you drive away, your friend pulls out a coin and scratches off their ticket to see if they've won-and it's a dud. No dice. Nada. They hand the coin to you and say, "GO FOR IT!". You scratch yours off---and, it's a WINNER!!!! What now?

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Here's where the conundrum lies... THEY bought you the ticket. You wouldn't HAVE the ticket if not for them and their generosity. You've just won cash. Do you split the prize money? Keep it all for yourself? Are there stipulations--like how good of a friend they actually are or how much the jackpot is that you've just won??? What is the etiquette here? What is the right thing to do? This writer says the etiquette and right thing to do is, no matter how much you've won (unless it's a dollar or less)-you split the prize money and have some fun! Even though the ticket was technically gifted to you, you'd have every right to keep it all for yourself-friendships shouldn't ever be ruined over money. It's the root of all evil in this world. What say YOU? Comment below and tell us-would you split it or keep it?

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