One of our favorite things in the Permian Basin is to go see a good stand-up comedy show. And who couldn't use a laugh right now with prices on everything skyrocketing and gas inching closer and closer to $5 a gallon here? Take a break from the everyday grind, get a sitter, and get out of the house for a date night in the comfort and air conditioning at Wagner Noel for some LAUGHS! Anjelah Johnson returns to Midland for one night only and good seats are still available! You've seen her on MAD-TV, in viral videos for her "Nail Salon" skit and her "Bon Qui Qui" Character... Now see her LIVE on stage at the Wagner Noel! She also has a book available on Amazon titled "Who Do I Think I Am? Stories Of Chola Wishes And Caviar Dreams" in which she discusses writing comedy, her characters, and personal things like her irrational fear of death, her family, and more.

She also has several Stand-Up clips you can watch to get ready for the big show here in town on Friday night that include her original characters:

Tickets are on sale HERE for the show this Friday!

You can also listen to Gwen and Gunner this week at 7:40 and play "Are You Smarter Than Gwen" to WIN your way in! Whatever you do-don't miss out on the fun this Friday night at Wagner Noel!

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