Texas could possibly be the 8th wonder of the world with all its amazingness. Texas is full of many natural wonders, with rivers, lakes, mountains, caverns, and beaches, you can find just about anything here in this great state if you wander far enough, even a volcano.

Tungurahua Volcano eruption long exposure with lava

I know when you think about volcanos you usually think of Hawaii, but there is actually a volcano here in Texas. There are actually about 75 volcanos in Texas. Pilot Knob is located about eight miles south of Austin, near the airport. It is the largest of the Texas volcanos, it has a diameter of over 2 miles.

Like the rest of the volcanos in Texas, Pilot Knob is extinct. In fact, it hasn't erupted in nearly 3 million years. You can however hike the rocky trails around it and imagine the hot red lava streaming down the sides.  Pilot Knob is listed as being one of the best hikes in Texas.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Another volcanic fact you may not know is that many Texas beaches were formed by volcanic activity.

I myself never knew Texas ever had volcanos. The closest thing I have come to a real volcano is when I was in Hawaii. I was in Honolulu and we saw the volcano known as Diamond Head. I only saw it from a distance. I wish we could have taken a helicopter tour to fly over the top to see it.

Have any of you ever seen a volcano in real life?  I would love to see your pics if you have them.

Texas is full of so many adventures, you don't even have to leave the state to go on a vacation.


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