Earlier this week I saw several people on my social media feeds talking about this woman named, Reesa Tessa. People kept asking if was it worth going down the rabbit hole or saying they were on video 26 and couldn't stop. Who is this woman and why is everyone so into her? So I did a little digging!

Reesa Teesa is a woman who posted a 50-video series on TikTok titled Who TF did I Marry? Reesa Teesa, which is a nickname, decided to detail her relationship with a man she calls "Legion," named after a man in the Bible who was full of demons. Reesa Teesa's videos tell the stories of all the lies she was told during her relationship.

Reesa Teesa met Legion right before the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020. They had met on two separate dating apps and decided to quarantine together in her townhouse. Legion told Reesa Teesa that he was divorced but looking to settle down. But it wasn't too far into quarantine that the red flags started to fly. She describes Legions as a “pathological liar,” “narcissist” and “the United Nations of red flags.”

The entire series came about when she answered a trending question on TikTok, what is the most “f----- up thing that your ex did to you.” To answer this she posted a much shorter version of her story and then many asked her to tell them more.

In the series, viewers find out that he could never produce financial documents when they were trying to buy a house, he gave her two different social security numbers and lied. Legion knew that she always wanted to go to London so he printed out an itinerary of a trip to London that he said he was taking her on. The story just gets wilder and wilder.

As of yesterday. Reesa Tessa had over 197 million views on her videos and over 2 million followers on TikTok. Someone also estimated that she has probably earned over $300,000 off her videos in the past week.

Have you been down the Reesa Tessa Rabbit hole? What did you think? I will probably start the adventure this weekend.

Here is the first video to get you started!



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