Not sure if you've experienced it or not over about the past 30 days... But hitting the drive-thru at a Midland Starbucks can be hit or miss, if you're an early riser and early to work like we are. Typically-one of us from the morning show makes the coffee run on the way into the stations just after 5 am. Lately, we've been running into the locations being closed when we get there with lights off, empty parking lots, and a sandwich board sign in the drive-thru lane saying the store is closed and sorry for the inconvenience. So I got curious and decided to investigate.

I called the location on Big Spring Street in Midland a few times and got no answer-so I decided to dial up the location on Midland Drive in the Cornerstone Shopping Center. I spoke with Shift Supervisor Emily-who filled me in that for the moment (the next 7 days or so) they are back to normal operating hours of 5 am-10:30 pm, but that that could change given staffing issues and workers out sick with covid. According to Emily, Starbucks is playing it by ear as to what hours are right now and it's subject to change every day based on circumstances.

So now you know why-if you roll up to get some coffee at 5 am and the store is temporarily closed, what the reason is. At least for the next week or so, Emily says, that shouldn't be a problem. Which is perfect timing for me since I'm headed back to the studio after being at home for 2 weeks with covid myself. See ya in the drive-thru lines!

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