Here we are-The last weekend in January is upon us... And although there's no written law as far as City Government goes (at least, none that this author is aware of anyway)--you should probably have Christmas taken down by now and all put away til this upcoming season. We had a few really nice days that got into the 70's early on in January that were perfect days to be out and up on a ladder taking down the lights.


What's crazy is these services that are out there who will come, put lights up, leave them for 4-5 weeks, then come take them down again--all for an outrageous (to me, anyway) price. I guess if you have the money to burn, that's the easiest way to go--saves you having to get on a ladder and be out when it's chilly taking it all down. But you don't even get to keep the lights you pay for with these services-so to me, not worth it. Besides-most of what I've seen they offer are the all-white lights, and I like colored lights. It's Christmas after all. Should be pretty and eye-catching.

I tease Gwen all the time on the morning show because she still has a Christmas mat on her front porch that's there all year-'round... But Gwen is fortunate that she doesn't live in a subdivision where the HOA fines you if you leave your lights up too long. Because while the city might not care--the neighborhood watch does. So be sure you get out there this weekend and get it taken care of if you have an HOA like mine. And stay warm out there!

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