I was having a convo with a good friend of mine the other day who is thinking about getting braces (again) she had them when she was younger but things happen and she wants straight, perfect teeth again. She asked me, 'am I too old for braces?' To which I replied, 'heck no, go for it girl! You do you!' 

I'm sad that she even had to ask that but I got to thinking, I wonder if she feels that way because of how society makes us feel about life after a certain age. Over 30, 35, 40? And who is it that tells us we should stop doing certain things as we 'get older?' Magazines, celebrities, certain websites, our peers? I know I've been judged a time or two by people who believe we should age a certain way and to them I say, 'you are only as old as you feel.'


*wearing skinny jeans-I'm sorry, is there anything other than at the store these days? I'll wear 'em you don't like them, don't look

*working out-some people say why bother? Umm, because I want to try to be healthy and also I feel better when I do? I'll never look like Ronda Rousey, I just want to feel good. lol

*coloring my hair-let the natural gray grow out-I get it from my momma. She never wanted to go gray, neither do I. It's personal preference IMO.

*drive anything other than a 'mom van'-been there, done that, I'm making the payment, why do you care what I drive?

*stop using slang words that my kids use-too late! I hear their lingo, I use it on them sometimes. It annoys them, enough said.

*cosmetic surgery-getting a little help to slow down the aging process never hurt anyone *schedules next appointment for a facial*

If you haven't heard 1 or all of these 'suggestions' from friends and family looking out for your best interests so they say, you're not old enough. Wait a few years, it's coming and when it does you tell them not to worry about things that do not affect them. Life is short, get the Botox!

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