National 'no housework day?' Girl, count me in! As if it's not enough that this mommy works full time, running around being baseball, dance, swim and personal driver mom, you want me to come home cook, do laundry AND do housework? Or does laundry technically count as housework? Uggggghh, I don't know but I do deserve at least 1 day off right?

When it comes to housework, I can tell you that my least favorite are:

  1. dusting
  2. mopping
  3. dishes
Cleaning service. Sponges, chemicals and mop.

I think the reason dusting is so high on my list stems from the fact that at the age my daughter is right now, I was doing the dusting. All of it. That was my part in household chores. Spray the furniture polish on your rag and go over all of the wood in the house. And it may have just been in my little 7-year-old head but I'm pretty sure every single item in our home was made of wood! It was the 80s we had console tv's, furniture in every corner, nice big solid wooden dinner tables, so yeah wood that got dusty on the regular everywhere.

Kitchen with hardwood floor and granite counter tops.

So what are our least favorite household chores according to Google? Check out this list:

  1. cleaning the bathroom
  2. washing dishes
  3. cleaning the stovetop/oven
  4. doing laundry
  5. dusting

Yes to all of the above! And in full transparency, I am not the kind of person who delegates different tasks to the members of my household because unfortunately, I am also a control freak. No one does as good a job as mom does, so there's that. lol Therefore on national no housework day, I will either kick back for one day and do nothing or for once let the others who help make the messes, get after it and help with the cleanup! What is your least favorite household chore?

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