Let me start by saying in my defense, I got my pool in the middle of the pandemic. I was homeschooling my kiddos, they needed something to do for 'P.E.' and I needed them out of my hair for a couple of hours a day. Not to mention everyone had the exact same idea in 2020 so the fact that we actually found 1 on store shelves felt like a sign from the pool gods. 

Cut to (almost) summer of 2022. It is now time to prep said pool for the kids to enjoy this summer. While mine is only an above ground pool, I still need a pool boy. Why? Because I have a million other things going on and tending to the pool is quite frankly the last thing I want to deal with. Can't it clean and fill itself? Grrr. Check out a list of things you will have to do to keep up with your lovely new pool that was 'such a great idea at the time!'


  • it gets expensive-from buying lots of chlorine tablets, to the pool clarifier, a vacuum for all the dirt that will accumulate (this is the worst part for me) a filter and pump system, a ladder in case yours doesn't come with one and a net to constantly clean out the bugs who try to take a swim with you and a good sturdy cover to help eliminate a couple of the things on this list
  • WEST TEXAS DIRT! Enough said.
  • no matter what your kids say, YOU will be the one doing the keeping up with and cleaning of your fun, new pool!
  • get ready for a block party because the little ones will want to invite all of their neighborhood friends over for a dip in the pool-DAILY!
  • read the above statement again-YOU will now be responsible for keeping an eye on all of the neighborhood kid's safety


  • 3 words-TRIPLE DIGIT HEAT! Taking a cold swim sure helps on an insanely hot day
  • kids stay out of mom's hair most of the day-the pool does keep them entertained
  • mom can kick the kids out and sunbathe from time to time if she wants
  • you no longer have to pay money and carpool the kids to the local city pool
  • barbecuing, beer and an evening swim is 1 of the best things ever!

There is good and there is bad, it is just up to you to decide which outweighs the other. No doubt the kids have been bugging you for one like mine did and since summer is almost here, you don't have much time to decide!

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