Haunted, creepy, or paranormal encounters seem to be the prevalent theme, maybe because Halloween is right around the corner. If it's scary or spooky you guys are about it! I have a really good one for you this time. Would you not only go on a ghost hunt in this haunted house but would you spend the night? This is no put-together house with masks and props, this is a real haunted house.

The Hill House was built in 1880 by a prominent family in Mineral Wells. For the first years of the life of this house, it was used as a makeshift hospital. In later years the house became a place for the bootleggers, prostitutes, and gamblers to conduct their business discreetly.

The Hill House is located at 501 Northeast 1st Street, Mineral Wells. which just happens to be only 125 feet away from the Baker Hotel, which is considered one of the most haunted hotels in Texas.

Over the years, several people have died at the Hill House and legend has it that their spirits never left and still haunt this house to this day. Many paranormal investigators have made their way to the Hill House to prove the spirits are there, in which their efforts have paid off because the Hill House is not only considered the most haunted house in Texas but a world-renowned haunt.

Some of the paranormal permanent residents said to be at the Hill House is a little boy that haunts the upstairs. He was the son of one of the prostitutes and he lived there until he was 6. Another one is one of the original owners who fell into a well and died there. Another one of the owners died there due to the flu. There are said to be 9 total permanent spiritual residents. It is also said that some others come over from time to time from the Baker Hotel.

Would you spend the night here? You can!  If you decide you want to spend the night you will be in the house from 8 pm to 9 am. You can have a guide with you or you stay there by yourself. If you want to just take a tour and not stay the night you can do that too. But be aware, they said there is more activity with the more fear they sense.

I don't know about you guys but I think I will pass on this one.

Hill House

Hill House



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