I feel so stupid for not knowing this.

Allow me to feel like a real moron if this is common knowledge, but I legit blew my mind when I figured this out today. So the Dallas Observer did an article on Vanilla Ice and how everyone is buying up the mustangs that were so prominent in the 'Ice Ice Baby' music video. Now I knew Vanilla Ice grew up in the Dallas area, but the article said the music video was shot there. What?! That's not Dallas, I swear to god that was Miami.

Everyone is rocking gear for the University of Miami, this kind of looks like it could be Miami in parts of the video. Then it f***ing hit me like a fist to my face. The 1:11 mark in the video, what is that in the background? The freaking Bank of America Plaza or as I call it the black and green building in Dallas.


Like I said, I knew Vanilla Ice was from the Dallas area, but I still can't believe for over thirty years I have thought this was Miami. The article I mentioned above also mentioned another song that shows off his Mustang.

The 'Rollin in My 5.0' music video features the car driving around...MIAMI?! I knew I wasn't crazy!

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It's important to learn something new everyday people, even if it's something as stupid as this. One of the most famous music videos of the 90's, was shot just a few hours away in Dallas.

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