Sadly violent crime happens in every city and small town. Just because a city has a huge population doesn't mean they are a violent city or just because a town is small doesn't mean it doesn't have violence. The statistics are sad but true.

Population U has listed the most violent cities in Texas, based on the number of violent crimes for every 1000 people. Violent crime consists of rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and murder. Below will list the population, the number of violent crimes in 2022, and the number per 1000 people

10. Tyler:

Population 107,262    Violent Crimes 442   Per 1000 People: 22.4

Google Maps
Google Maps

9. Kileen:

Population 158,449    Violent Crimes  657  Per 1000 People: 16.93

8. Arlington:

Population  397,810   Violent Crimes 1,797   Per 1000 People: 22.92

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7. Waco:

Population  141,637   Violent Crimes  704  Per 1000 People: 31.30

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6. Dallas:

Population 1,295,222    Violent Crimes  7,708  Per 1000 People: 34.11

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5. Corpus Christi:

Population 321,614    Violent Crimes 1,974   Per 1000 People: 29.53

Corpus Christi, Texas, USA Skyline
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4. San Antonio:

Population 1,469,372   Violent Crimes 9,349  Per 1000 People: 42.85


3. Beaumont:

Population 113,954 Violent Crimes 833  Per 1000 People: 35.14

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Google Maps

2. Lubbock

Population 113,954 Violent Crimes 833  Per 1000 People: 35.14

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1. Houston:

Population 2,305,709 Violent Crimes 19,716  Per 1000 People: 42.41

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I know that you probably thought Odessa would have made the list. They actually did just not in the top 10. Odessa. Odessa came in at 14 of the most violent cities in Texas with a population of 117,855, and 454 violent crimes, up to 18.26 violent crimes per 1000 people.  The other top cities

were Austin, Pasadena, Wichita Falls, Fort Worth, Mesquite, Abilene, Irving, San Angelo, and Edinburg.

I was shocked to see Abilene and San Angelo in the top 20. I can understand Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio making the list because of their large population but when you throw cities like Beaumont and Lubbock up there with them it's kind of scary.

Be safe out there.

As per FBI Crime data, Most dangerous cities in Texas State, List Updated in Jan, 2023.


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