I don't know if you know, that almost all of us around the office are huge not only football fans but Dallas Cowboy fans as well. In early 2020 before everything was shutdown and cancelled one of our co-workers bought tickets to the Hall of Fame Game in Canton and also to the Hall of Fame Induction to see former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson be inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 2020 of course turned into a huge disappointment because all of the plans everyone had made were cancelled. Kevin decided to keep his tickets and reschedule his flight for this year.

He was even more excited now because the Dallas Cowboys were playing the Hall of Fame Game and another class of inductees were being inducted. The 2021 class included another Dallas Cowboy Drew Pierson and Payton Manning, so he decided he would attend both year's events.

I have to admit I lived vicariously through him as he posted his pictures along the way. He text me during the game and said the football gods hated him because he was surrounded by Steeler and Eagles fans. LOL

Kevin took a trip of a life time but the best part was that thought about all of us. He brought each one of us something back from his adventure.  He brought me back the Jimmy Johnson, Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame t-shirt and a magnet of the Hall of Fame.  I was so excited, my gift even came in a Hall of Fame gift bag.

Kevin said since his friends couldn't be there with him, he would bring the Hall of Fame Game to us. #myfriendsarebetterthanyours

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