Many of you ask, "are you giving away anymore tickets to see Kane Brown?" The answer is yes! This week we will give away another VIP table for you and five friends to enjoy the show coming up on September 9th. Starting next week we will have a chance to win a pair of tickets every single day next week during the Gwen and Gunner Morning show. Your code word today is win tickets. Winning the VIP table for six includes the table and six VIP tickets.

Remember if you are purchasing a table you will need to call the Hacienda at 563-3737. In order to purchase the table you must purchase six VIP tickets. You can purchase the tickets HERE!

Kane Brown is so excited to be out on the road. In a statement to Sony Music,  Kane Brown said the following:

Obviously I’m super pumped to be back out on tour. I know the fans are as well. It’s been so much energy. My band has loved playing again. We’ve just been cooped up in a house, just like everybody else. So everybody getting back out, it’s just been amazing to see a bunch of different faces and actually have some human to human interaction again. First show back out for me, was awesome. We were in Iowa. The crowd was just energetic as could be. We were and it was just great just to be back out doing what we do.

Don't forget to put your code word down at the bottom in the comments.

Kane Brown
Rick Diamond, Getty Images


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