They always say things always circle back around, whether it be clothes, hair styles, types of music or even cars. I kw inno my life time I have seen things come back into style that my mom said were popular when she was a kid.

I know this is not something from the 90's but think about records. Think how popular records and record players have become. Today's artist are not only selling their music digitally but on vinyl.

Let's take a look at the 90's and even early 2000's. You can take a look a the jeans and see how 90's they are from the color to the cut. I the 1990 Rocky Mountain jeans were the thing for women to wear. I had a different color for every day of the week. As things do they weren't the thing to wear anymore and brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren moved in. Fast forward to today and Rockies are making a huge come back. In fact they are selling for over $200 a pair. Even brush popper shirts. The other night at the Gary Allan concert he came out in a duster from the 90's. For you kid's out there a duster was a western coat that was to the ground.

The hair from the 1990's is coming back, for example, girls are crimping their hair and getting perms again. Make up trends as well.

Retro ghetto blaster isolated on white with clipping path

Can we talk about the music from the 1990's. The music from back then is more popular today than today's music. Doesn't matter what genre, country, hip hop, or rock and roll. Think about how many times you turn it up to a 90's song.

They always say history is bound to repeat it's self and in this case I don't mind the 90's coming back at all.

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