The entire nation is feeling the squeeze on our wallets-from the grocery store where the prices of eggs and milk have tripled, to retail where the costs have risen due to the trucking industry strikes, all the way to the gas pumps where just 23 months ago when I moved here to Midland gas was $1.83 a gallon (for regular unleaded-not mid-grade or premium and not diesel). Fast forward and here we are with similar gas prices to what we all dealt with 9 years ago back in 2013. Right now pretty much state-wide here in Texas, diesel is hovering around $5.29 a gallon-but that varies slightly across Texas. For a gallon of regular unleaded, here are the latest prices by city as of 6/9/22, according to AAA. The place with the highest price per gallon will surprise you-keep scrolling to see!

Rank:                   City:                                                                   Price Per Gallon:

27                          Lubbock                                                            $4.42

26                          San Angelo                                                       $4.46

23T                       Brownsville/Harlingen                                        $4.48

23T                       McAllen/Edinburg/Mission                                  $4.48

23T                       Odessa                                                               $4.48

22                          Amarillo                                                              $4.49

21                          Laredo                                                                $4.50

19T                       Midland                                                                $4.51

19T                       San Antonio                                                         $4.51

16T                       Corpus Christi                                                      $4.52

16T                       Victoria                                                                 $4.52

16T                       Wichita Falls                                                         $4.52

15                          Austin                                                                   $4.57

14                          Killeen/Temple/Fort Hood                                    $4.58

12T                       Beaumont/Port Arthur                                           $4.59

12T                       Waco                                                                     $4.59

11                          Tyler                                                                      $4.61

10                          Houston                                                                $4.63

8T                          Bryan/College Station                                           $4.64

8T                          Galveston                                                              $4.64

6T                          Abilene                                                                   $4.65

6T                          Texarkana                                                               $4.65

5                            Sherman/Dennison                                                 $4.67

4                            Longview                                                                 $4.69

2T                          Dallas                                                                      $4.70

2T                          Fort Worth/Arlington                                                $4.70

1                            El Paso                                                                    $4.87

So, if you're not one of those people who has decided to limit travel to just to and from work and to the grocery store, and you're actually planning a drive this weekend to enjoy the nice weather out of town-keep in mind this list and fill up before you leave. Because we aren't the cheapest here (you might wanna try to make it to Lubbock and fill up there if cheapest is the goal), but we also aren't the most expensive here, either. Skip El Paso and fill up before or after.

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