NOT AN AD. Just a midwest millennial grasping on to the last drops of childhood joy. Chasing VCRs. Hanging on the faux smell of pine trees like it might ask me to prom. Re-watching Miracle on 34th Street still thinking I can relate somehow to 6-year-old Mara Wilson. If Dylan McDermott hasn't aged a day... why should I?

Growing up in Michigan, it was ALSO the norm to freeze your arse off and cut down your own Christmas tree every year. It was a lot of work. FREEZING. And for some families, sometimes very stressful. Especially if there is a man and directions involved.

There just is simply no comparison to a fresh, sappy, piney, evergreen tree sitting smack dab in your living room. Dropping needles by the second and giving your mom an occasional allergy attack. I have searched far and wide and I have burned many boring and CLEARLY vanilla scented candles. Somehow it's taken almost 5 years and 5 fake trees in the borderland, but I did it. I actually found the smell that evoked PURE, CHILDHOOD JOY.


During a manic Walmart shopping trip (as most are), I picked up this bottle called SCENTSICLES. Apparently it has been around for years but it's the first time I've seen it. The price was reasonable enough to take a chance and easily cut my losses if it ended up being another bland-air dud. $7.98 to be exact. You can pick it up for the exact same price at HomeGoods in El Paso, too.

In true Target fashion, you can pick it up there for about 50 cents more.

These are also fantastic if you have kids. I have two young boys and convenience is always key. These are less money, less mess, less effort. No spills, leaks, or open flames.

Amazon has a pack of 3 for $25. Check it out here. The pack includes the flavors "O Christmas Tree", "White Winter Fir" and "Snow Berry Wreath."

My favorite is "White Winter Fir" simply because I am looking for the smell of a fresh cut pine tree. If I could put a forest full of firs in my living room I would. Scentsicles describes it their best-selling scent, saying that it captures the very essence of a fresh-cut Douglas fir and will fill your home with the smell of Christmas.

Here is a quick tutorial so you can turn your fake tree into FIR-real, too. So simple even Buzz could do it.

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