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First off, this is a real and true story of how I learned about "The Lady of the Lake" (as I've always heard it said), or rather "The Lady Ghost of Lake Fort Phantom" from one of my history teachers at Abilene High School when we were learning about world war II. Moreover, it's a story about love, war, rumors, jealousy, and rage that went on back then.

This ghost story began in the mid-1940s when Abilene's Mona Bell agreed to meet her boyfriend who had just returned from serving in World War II. The letter, Mona received said they were to meet at a certain spot at Lake Fort Phantom so they could run away and elope. He said he would flash his headlights three times and she was to come running.

Miss Bell sees the headlights flash three times and she runs and jumps into the car to hug her boyfriend, he flew into a rage, drags her out of his car, and strangled her. It's said that it was because his best friend had (jokingly) told him that he kept Mona company while he was away serving his country. The boyfriend realizes what he's done, he then tossed her lifeless body into Lake Fort Phantom.

Witnesses that were near the area claimed Mona was not dead because they heard her scream and then her screams subsided into gurgles as she slowly drowned. As for the boyfriend, he disappears never to be found again but is said that Mona Bell "vowed to seek justice" as she patrols lake Ft. Phantom nightly.

'The Ghost Lady of the Lake' makes herself known today, by causing your headlights to flicker when you drive by the lake. She also surrounds your car with dense fog. Those that have witnessed it, say it's a hair-raising experience. The video above is a fictitious reenactment of the "Lady of the Lake" urban legend.

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