FORE! Range Rover coming through.

I guess this guy thought the police wouldn't follow him through the golf course. What the hell man, are you playing grand theft auto? Looks like police over in Cypress, Texas had an interesting day this week. A pullover for a traffic violation turned into a chase onto the Cypress Lakes Golf Course.

Phillip Morgan was enjoying a day on the green when he heard the sirens and began filming. He caught the Range Rover and police cruiser on film going through the course. No word on why these two were fleeing from the scene because it appears they were only going to be charged for traffic violation.

Now the driver was charged with felony evading in a motor vehicle, but that's not it. Apparently while being placed in handcuffs, driver Grey Martinez spit on one of the arresting officers. Which will now get him a harassment on a public servant charge. Martinez bond was set $30,000.

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The passenger in the vehicle Trevor Passmore bond was set at just $100. He was charged with evading arrest. Stay safe out there folks. Looks like a great weekend for golf in Texas and now you have to keep your head on a swivel for folks evading the police.

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