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The opening lyric of 'Deep In The Heart Of Texas' goes, "The stars at night are big and bright, (clap four times in your head!) deep in the heart of Texas," and at Christmas time those stars are accompanied by millions of twinkling Christmas lights. Millions of Christmas lights will soon be adorning the eves on our Texas homes, businesses, and landscaping and shining bright just like the stars over Texas.

There's something about the arrival of Christmas lights. Seeing them on at night just puts people in a different and festive state of mind. Whether they outline the roofline of a house or they create ornate shapes and light trees, people are mesmerized by Christmas lights, especially those that are part of a huge drive-thru Christmas light park.

East Texas has several drive-thru Christmas light parks that will be opening up around Thanksgiving and throughout the state of Texas, several hundred more light parks will soon be throwing the power switch on for their light displays. From small neighborhood displays to huge multi-acre drive-thru parks.

While many East Texans may be traveling to other parts of the state for Christmas to visit family and friends, the initial visit is quick, and then comes the question, "What is there to do?" That's what happened to me last December when we went on a quick trip to Austin to visit some friends before Christmas. We ended up finding an extremely unique Christmas light display on 37th Street, appropriately called the '37th Street Lights'. It's a quirky street with some bizarre light displays that have been lit up annually for several decades now.

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So if you're traveling to Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Grand Prairie, Ft. Worth, or beyond this Christmas, you might consider making a trip to one of these Christmas light parks with the family and check out these lights as they light up the night just like the stars do 'Deep In The Heart Of Texas'!

14 Must See Christmas Light Parks In Texas

If you're traveling anywhere in the state of Texas this Christmas, there is a good chance there is a drive-thru Christmas light park near your destination, like these:
Images do not depict actual park and are for display purposes only.

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