(There is a 1700% chance the photo above was not taken in Lubbock.)

With so many people getting into the Christmas spirit, it's only natural to extend that love of the holidays to an important, everyday part of our lives that we depend on for transportation over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house...

The 4-door, All wheel drive sleigh known as, your car.

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As we decorate our homes, some people go the extra mile and decide to slap some holiday bling on their whip. Up to, and including wiring up Christmas Lights on their ride. It really is festive, but is it legal? I pondered this as I noticed a truck this morning in Lubbock that had been decked out in joyous holiday illumination.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

(Forgive the slightly out of focus photo, my phone is still on the fritz)

He had lights strung all over: across the bed of the truck, on top, in front, and on his antenna. My heart shouted, "How Pretty!" While my head questioned, "Is this legal?"

I consulted the interwebs, which gave me a plethora of differing opinions which ranged from "It's perfectly legal", to "You'll go to Federal Prison". I then came to my senses and decided to place a call to the Lubbock Police Department to question the legality of this rolling distraction. I spoke with an unnamed officer who chuckled when I asked, and finally suggested that "It's not a good idea, I wouldn't do it".

The basic rule of thumb us, is anything obstructs your view as a driver, then it's verboten. You may not get a moving violation citation, but more than likely the officer will ask that you remove the lights, or give you a "fix-it-ticket". They don't want to be grinches either, but if it affects your safety as a driver, they may swing into action.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Motoring.


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