You either love or hate Disney.

The company basically invades your soul, whether you like it or not. During my childhood, it is all I watched. Princess Jasmine was my favorite growing up but as I grew older, I started to realize all these "strong" princesses were still not the best idols for children

I know, fake princesses shouldn't be who we idolize but we can't help but discuss them. Do you want us to just have The Kardashians?

Kids should have fun, sing songs, and play dress up while watching their favorite Disney movies without worrying about all those messages. It is all they will talk about in college anyway or was that only at UTEP?

I find it refreshing that these new Disney characters are focusing more on family instead of finding true love. I am totally here for it. From Frozen to Encanto, the messages from these movies have little kids looking to their families for true love.

Texas' Favorite Disney Princess

As Disney alters the messages of its current movies, we can not forget those iconic love-drunk princesses. One princess I usually love to argue about it is Princess Ariel. She gave up her voice for a man. That is all types of wrong, girl.

Yet most Texans love the fishy princess and have crowned the princess Texas' favorite princess, according to ShaneCo.

While The Little Mermaid is a movie I do enjoy watching, I really don't care for the message of it. Ariel seems to miss that a man should love you no matter what your lower body looks like. Based on Google Trends, Ariel actually is America's favorite princess. I think it has to do with her clam bra and catchy songs.

If we take this poll in El Paso, I have a feeling the results would be completely different.

As for Texas's favorite prince, it is no surprise it is The Beast! Texans come off very angry and want to take their anger out on everyone, just like The Beast.

I just learned his name is Prince Adam, thanks to this study. Prince Adam and Ariel has a nice ring to it but Disney won't be making that movie anytime soon. It could be called A Texas Favorite Love Story.

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